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What we do at TravelEdventures, is offer Erasmus+ and the Turing Scheme in the vocational and foreign education field. We provide internships and training centres where students can come and have a great experience and get to know how organisations in other countries work.

We Take Care of All the Project Management

We cover all the project management involved. We organise flights, accommodation and we organise activities too and we connect the sending institution with receiving partners. So, we get superb placements at excellent companies that focus on exactly what students and learners want.


We Arrange Accommodation for Students

With regards to accommodation options, the most common are host families, apartments and hostels and most of the cost is covered through funding so it’s pretty much a free trip for students!


We Have Great Connections

We have worked in the field of organising Erasmus+ for many years and therefore our network is growing and growing. Therefore we can basically organise any kind of internship in a variety of destinations around the globe. This way we can satisfy our clients and provide them with an unforgettable experience abroad.


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