4 Important Steps for a Successful Turing Project Execution

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Preparing your Turing project may seem very complicated when you first start out but we’re here to help. At TravelEdventures, we’re the experts and we’ll make it as smooth as possible for you. Not only do we take care of everything when you arrive at your desired destination, we are also there for you during the lead up to your stay.

Why not arrange a free initial interview with one of our Turing Scheme experts and click through our informative blog?

Before Applying for the Turing Scheme

After you’ve met us and we have discussed the first project draft, it is, of course, very important to submit your Turing Scheme application on time. Here’s where you can access the Turing Scheme application process (Further Education & Vocational Education Training): https://apply.gmt.britishcouncil.org/turing/turingscheme.ofml.

The deadline for schools from further education (FE) as well as schools from vocational education and training (VET) areas is 7th May 2021 at 12:00.

If you want us to, we will be happy to send you our "Step-by-Step Turing Scheme Application Guide" which will prepare you for all the questions in the best possible way and give you tips on how to best answer the questions in a wide variety of areas. If you still have further questions about the application process or project execution, we’ll gladly assist you, just get in touch.


What’s Next for your Turing Scheme Application?

After submitting your application, we ask you to regularly look at your e-mails to check if you’ve received your grant. After a (hopefully positive) response, please contact your TravelEdventures’ contact person to discuss the way forward.

Next, we need to sort out the organisational requirements with you. We do this with our "TravelEdventures Internship Offer" and set up a "TravelEdventures Cooperation Agreement", that fits with your budget and is created and signed by both parties.

Read this article to get to know in advance what documents we need from you and your group:
Required Documents and Deadlines for Your Erasmus+ Application.  Once we have received all documents from the participants, we will connect you with your personal TravelEdventures’ group leader, who will assist you with all of the administration, the initial paperwork and your actual mobility. 


During the Turing Scheme Project

You may be in another country - but we will do everything we can to make it feel like home. We want you to enjoy every minute of your time. An important part of this is that you always feel safe. Our dedicated Internship Team will do just that for you and your group.

During the internship, we will be in constant contact with your students and will be happy to organise any visits for accompanying persons to our partner companies. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with your accommodation, the host companies and, if necessary, with the activities programme.

Whatever you need or want to know, we will do everything we can to help you round-the- clock via our emergency contact number, or through your personal TravelEdventures’ group leader. It's not just about learning - we also have a great activities programme and afternoon excursions. We’ll provide you with insider tips that will allow you to fully enjoy your stay. After all, this experience is also about having fun! 😊


After Your Turing Mobility

After completing your Turing internship, you will return home with a programme certificate that will permanently remind you of your stay with TravelEdventures. It's a record of what you've achieved and what skills you've acquired during the project. This can make a real difference to your future career.

We don't see this as the end, it could well be the beginning of many other projects. We want to stay in touch if you want us to.

Share the experiences of your participants with us and your partners/colleagues and stay in touch with us. We will always be delighted to continue the collaboration for the next application round, and to expand your project.


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