Work and Travel vs. Erasmus+ Internship

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Have you always dreamed of working abroad for a specific period of time? Perhaps you don’t know about the different types of working experiences abroad? Or not yet, but we’re about to change that!

We would like to introduce you to the world of Work and Travel and Erasmus+ internships, giving you a quick overview of both so that you can find out which type you prefer or which type fits into your current life/education situation best.

Have you heard about Work and Travel or Erasmus+? If not, perhaps you’re wondering the following: What is Work and Travel? What is Erasmus+? Who can carry out a Work and Travel experience? Who could experience an Erasmus+ internship? What’s the difference between Work and Travel and Erasmus+? At TravelEdventures, we specialise in Erasmus+ internship. We help with the application process, the placements, the accommodation and all the different kinds of travel arrangements.


Work and Travel

Work and Travel is a program for young people who would like to gain experience abroad, travel and gain a first impression of the working environment. Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada or South Africa are all particularly popular for Work and Travel. The work opportunities are very diverse and the places to choose from open up a wide range of opportunities for those travelling.

Work and Travel is particularly suitable for young people who have just finished school or who are already studying but want to see something different. Work and Travel is an alternative to an au-pair stay or a voluntary work service. However, unlike the aforementioned, Work and Travel allows you to change your place of residence several times and not only get to know new places, but also to carry out different activities.

The most important requirement for participating in Work and Travel is obtaining a valid visa. Many countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada, have an agreement with certain countries that allows for a Work and Travel visa. This visa is issued for twelve months and allows you to stay and work in your country of choice during this time. The conditions for granting the visa vary from country to country. Some countries require proof of financial security, a police clearance certificate or a valid return ticket upon entry.

Through a Work and Travel adventure you can gain a lot of life experience and deepen your language skills. By getting to know the world of work, you will gain work experience that will certainly be helpful in your future professional life. In addition, Work and Travel gives young people the unique opportunity to stay in a foreign country for a longer period of time without having to spend too much money.

The only disadvantage is that although you earn money through your placement you will still need a financial cushion because the money you earn will most likely not cover all your living expenses. There is also a high risk that you won’t find a job upon arrival and therefore you may have to live on your savings.

If you want to gain meaningful work experience abroad but you are not interested in changing destination once you have finally settled in, or If you have one clear destination in mind and you want to enjoy and get to know this destination during your stay, we recommend an Erasmus+ internship.


Erasmus+ Internship

The Erasmus+ program is a support program in the European Union, with a focus on education, vocational training, sports and youth. This education program for lifelong learning promotes the mobility of students currently enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree in a higher education institution of one of the member countries that is affiliated to the Erasmus+ program. These opportunities are also open to young university graduates within a year of their graduation, as long as they are still enrolled at their university.

An Erasmus+ placement abroad will not only improve communication, language and intercultural skills, but also provides "soft skills" appreciated by future employers and develops the entrepreneurial spirit. The internship must be relevant to the study program you are enrolled in and must provide personal development and, if possible, should even be integrated into your study program. An Erasmus+ internship can be realised in any organisation in one of the Erasmus+ member countries. An Erasmus+ internship is the best way to start your career, or to find a field that interests you.

In order to finance an Erasmus+ internship, participants can apply for an Erasmus+ grant to contribute to travel and living costs. The amount of the grant depends on the cost of living in the destination country, the number of students applying for a grant, the distance between countries and the availability of other grants. For further information regarding Erasmus+ funding opportunities see our Guide for Erasmus+ Funding Applicants or read our Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.


Whether you choose a Work and Travel experience or an Erasmus+ internship, a work experience abroad will not only improve your CV but also your social skills. You will become more independent and get to know a new culture, country and improve your language skills or even learn a new language. It doesn’t just depend on the kind of work experience you do abroad, what matters is, that you find the right program for your needs.

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