Work and Study in Valencia

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Facade of City Hall; Valencia; Spain-1

Why spend your time imagining working and studying in Valencia? You could be actually doing it! Speak to teachers or those in charge at your place of education (high school, college, university or other organisation) or if you’re a teacher at one of those, why not get your students involved in Erasmus+ (or if you’re UK based the Turing Scheme)?

Why Valencia is the Perfect Match

We love Valencia in Spain – it’s a perfect match! We’re going to reflect on a past mobility to give you a flavour of what’s on offer for the future. Students took part in Spanish language courses in the morning (our very own official Spanish language school right in the centre of vibrant Valencia in a little house next to the university – just a 20 minutes walk from the beach!). During the afternoon, they attended Erasmus+ work experience placements and while this particular mobility was geared towards English Marketing, there’s plenty of other industry placement opportunities. Let’s not forget the brilliant pre-arranged activities program but more on that later!


Funding for Erasmus+ or the Turing Scheme

Funding was supplied, it’s up to the organisation (that means school, college, university or other) to apply for Erasmus+ or Turing funding through their own country’s National Agency. The funding is always well-received because it covers lots of things such as transfers to and from the airport, flights, accommodation (with a host family, in an apartment with free WIFI, hostel or hotel – in this case, an apartment) and travel around the city of choice as well as a full activities program too. It’s amazing what you could get hold of for your students – and there’s even more for disadvantaged students too.


English and Spanish Language

A typical Erasmus+ or Turing stay in Valencia such as the one we’re focusing on, usually lasts around one week (although we can arrange 2-week placements and placements for longer as well). It equates to a 10-to-16-hour week of language learning including grammar or conversation lessons. Our Valencia courses can cover English and Spanish – so you get even more for your Erasmus+ or Turing funding!

Of course, many students will never have been away from home before – but they shouldn’t worry because as with this trip, they’ll be accompanied certainly for the beginning and end of the trip (with someone available 24 hours in case of emergency). In this particular trip the students were accommodated in apartments (shared with other students) that were fully furnished with a kitchen and free WIFI.


No Time to Be Lonely

Let’s talk about the subject of socialising, students won’t feel lonely! The first night of this particular trip involved a welcome party at one of Valencia’s best nightclubs and with a wealth of brilliant activities to take part in, students made lifelong friends, getting to know each other while they visited landmarks, took city tours and enjoyed some R&R on the beach.


A Wide Selection of Brilliant Activities

As for the activities, there was plenty of time for free time (and why not – the weather is almost always good, it would be a shame had the students not take advantage of it!). The program included lots of culture, such as a walking tour of Valencia, a Paella Night, weekend excursions and parties at top nightclubs! Depending on the program in place, your students could see the Jardines de la Alameda or the Jardines de Montforte, or you could visit the Mercado Central – it’s got over 8.000 square metres and a treasure trove of different foods to sample! There’s also the City of Arts and Sciences which hosts plays and students will love the Planetarium, Seaworld and the Science Museum. Of course, there are the bars and for real architecture lovers, there’s the old cathedral to gaze at admiringly. Finally, if you do decide on doing an Erasmus+ or Turing mobility in Valencia, you might want to tag on a weekend excursion to Madrid, Barcelona or Ibiza!


Professional Certification

Once students completed their course, they received a Spanish course certificate from the language school and an Erasmus+ internship certificate. The certificates acknowledged their participation and outlined what they completed – as well as noting their key strengths.


Students Have One Foot On the Career Ladder

As well as the incredible memories, these students also put one foot on the ladder for when they applied for a job later on. There’s no doubt that international work experience counts and it definitely puts students ahead of others who haven’t had the extraordinary benefit of taking part in an Erasmus+ or Turing placement abroad.


Grants – What You Should Know

If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to investigate Valencia further, remember, while the Erasmus+ or Turing grant is generous, it doesn’t cover everything and you will need to add in some money, however, there are lots of ways to fundraise (read our article here for fundraising ideas). Who knows, perhaps a kindly, generous family member will also help to fund a trip to Valencia?

You want to experience the Spanish culture? Read our article where we introduce you to our favourite Spanish Erasmus+ and Turing destinations or read our report from two girls who already did a work and study experience in Valencia.

Contact us at TravelEdventures, we are one of the fastest growing agencies in Austria and specialise in Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme placements, helping young people from all over the world enjoy the benefits of experiencing working abroad. We also have an office in Valencia which is good to know!

It couldn’t be better could it – so find out more by getting in touch here and let us organise everything on your behalf.

Further assistance we provide through our guide for Erasmus+ Funding Applicants or in our Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.