What to Expect from an Internship in London

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Big Ben in sunny day, London

The latest introduction of the Turing Scheme in the UK (an equivalent programme to the Erasmus+ funding scheme), will give thousands of students from the UK a life-changing chance to enjoy an internship abroad. While most young learners from the UK strive to gain work experience abroad, this piece will reveal what you can expect from an internship in London – the centre of the world and global economic hub.


Preparing for London

 As you might know, London is one of the biggest European cities with a wide variety of cultures, it is one of the most thrilling as well as entertaining cities to live in. Although it is known for its premium cultural activities, with its famous sights, museums, and theatres, we must advise that it is not always 100% safe in certain regions and suburbs of the city – especially at night-time. As a young adult, you might underestimate certain situations so you should have in mind that crime is also a serious issue in London. We suggest not to walk around on your own at night, instead, use public transport which is generally controlled and supervised well by cameras and the police. This shouldn’t put you off of travelling to London but make you aware of certain risks at night in large cities. Nevertheless, we want to encourage you to go out and have fun, as London provides thousands of great opportunities to have a good time and enjoy yourself with friends.


Living in London

If you plan to work in London or do an internship which is funded by Erasmus+ or the Turing Scheme you should of course, look for living space which is not too far away from your work place. The huge public transport system of London, with its underground, is great, but the city is so big, that it often takes more than an hour to get from A to B. So, please always choose your area of living wisely before booking a room in an apartment or anywhere else. I did my internship at a big global player in the media area of Oxford Street and so I rented a room in the Shepherd’s Bush area via Airbnb, which was about 25 minutes by public transport. It’s a great area, I could go for a run in a park close by and it’s relatively close to the city centre.


Leisure Time in London

London is not only the capital of the UK, but also one of the biggest players in the world with regards to culture and economy. With its four famous UNESCO World Heritage sites that represent the most significant cultural properties within the UK, London counts as one of the most visited cities in the world. While doing an internship in London you should always schedule enough time on your free weekends to visit famous sites such as the Tower of London, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St. Margaret’s Church, Greenwich, and much more.


Sports in London

There is always a park close to your living area to do some sports and get fresh air, which I used a lot due to the fact that London is very crowded and urban and generally has a higher emission rate compared to other cities. Besides doing sports, you do have plenty of opportunities to watch football (soccer 😉) matches in huge, fantastic stadiums and cheer on your favorite team! The Premier League is probably the most competitive league in the world and therefore always worth a visit.


Working in London

As London is famous for its international economical relevance, especially in the finance sector, it can be very motivating to get first-hand insight into this particular professional field and experience the environment. I found that it is business as usual to sit in a huge open-plan office, where there are more than 50 people sitting in the same room. We had a big office kitchen with a great cooking area and relaxing spots to take a short rest. We also had an entertainment area for creative breaks, where you could play some table tennis or table football. I really enjoyed my four weeks’ internship and would recommend it to anyone wanting to do the same, if given the opportunity.


Will it be the first time that you’re going to live in a big city? We recommend reading our blog First Time Erasmus+ or Turing Experience which provides useful information on what to expect when living in a metropolis. If you want to do your internship in an English-speaking country but can’t decide whether the metropolis of London or green Dublin will be best for you, our article London Vs. Dublin might help you with the decision!

If you have already decided to do an internship in London, the UK or any other place in Europe, then please let us know. We would be happy to help you to arrange it for you and your colleagues. We are specialists in organising internships for groups of students as well as providing all travel services such as accommodation, travelling, extra activities for the weekends or any additional services you might need to go on for your adventure. 😊

By the way, we also help colleges, vocational schools as well as educational organisations with the application process for funding from the European Union such as Erasmus+ or the UK with the new Turing scheme. We are here for you and very happy to help you take the first steps in building on your professional career and future.

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