What are The Advantages of a Turing Scheme Internship?

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The UK recently introduced a replacement program for Erasmus+, especially for UK students, who wish to work or study abroad. The new program is called the Turing Scheme and generally, offers the same benefits as the already well-known Erasmus+ program. However there are some differences between the two programs. For a detailed comparison, why not read our upcoming article Erasmus+ vs. Turing. This article will focus on the major benefits of participating in a Turing program and what you can expect from a Turing stay.



The newly established Turing program is designed based on the same values as an Erasmus+ stay. There is just one difference between the two programs. Erasmus+ only funds Erasmus+ stays within the European Union (and some additional program countries). The Turing program allows students from the UK to receive funding for countries within Europe and beyond. This means that participants benefit from a variety of countries that they can choose from. It means those that dream of living in a country they’ve always wanted to visit can do so. The best thing about it is that you get funding for your travels, so you don’t need to worry about the financial side too much.


Great Support for Disadvantaged Students

The Turing program makes a point supporting disadvantaged students that may not be able to afford an exchange experience. Those students perhaps might never have considered an experience like Erasmus+ (or something similar), in the past. However, the UK education system encourages all students in the UK to take up this type of opportunity and go on an adventure that they will never forget. It also greatly benefits students’ futures.


Personal Growth and Intercultural Exchange

During a Turing mobility your interpersonal skills will be boosted by the fact that you become more independent when living on your own. In fact, for many, it will be the first time they’ve lived alone. During the first couple of weeks, you will most likely feel a little lonely and let me tell you one thing – adapting to a foreign environment can be difficult at the beginning. However, you will soon get to know new people and also become open-minded towards them. It is very likely that with different cultures there might be different opinions, so your cross-cultural sensitivity will increase as well. You gain better cultural awareness and of course, great communication skills. These are all factors that you’ll benefit from for your future employability, as multicultural skills are in high demand in today’s work environment.


Improve Employability

An exchange semester increases the employability of students and the Turing program would be taken into account when defining your future career. When applying for a job, you will have an advantage compared to other applicants who’ve had no international experience. As well as the positives in gaining a little knowledge of the field that you’ve experienced while on your foreign exchange, even more important are the interpersonal skills that you’ll have acquired during your Turing stay abroad. Let’s fill your book of life with unforgettable memories and your CV with profitable experiences!


We hope that we’ve given you an overview of what you can expect from a Turing mobility and that we’ve motivated you to apply right away 😊. If you want to learn more about the newly established Turing program, then read our blog BREXIT - What's New For You? The Turing Scheme.

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