What It’s Like to Work and Study in Sydney

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Australia wooden sign with a beach on background

G’day! The other side of the world is calling – Australia! With its expanse of land, vibrant cities and oodles of sunshine beaches, there’s something about Australia that everyone should experience, at least once in a lifetime.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Oz, and work and study in one of the most fabulous cities of all, Sydney. Apart from exploring all that this city has to offer including the harbour and visiting the extraordinary Sydney Opera House, you can also take time-out at the weekends to travel to other parts of Australia and live like the locals do. See the koalas, meet a wombat and watch those kangaroos bounce!

Want to know more about what it’s like to work and study in Sydney? This piece is a genuine report from Guliana, an Italian student who travelled thousands of miles to do just what many people are dreaming of!

An internship in Sydney was one of my lifelong dreams and suddenly, I found I could make that dream come true with a work and study placement!

Coming from Italy, I was always intrigued by the other side of the world. I’d read about Australia, seen plenty of pictures and TV programmes. I’d only ever lived in Verona, and while for tourists, it’s a beautiful part of Italy but for me, I was bored of the constant school exams and the cold - especially in winter! So when I arrived in balmy Oz I was immediately captivated!

Upon arrival, I was placed in an all-female team at the travel company TravelEdventures and I started my Australian adventure. I had four fabulous weeks stretched ahead of me, working and studying, with lots of time for exploring the country too. As travel had always interested me, it seemed like the perfect match! I could dream up perfect European tours for tourists, come up with new ideas and really use my creativity. What most thrilled me was that my projects became real, I could put them online and they were immediately viewable by the general public. So my European tours were live and sellable through the TravelEdventures website.

The office was friendly and I felt very comfortable – there were lots of social opportunities too so I never felt bored or lonely. I also improved my English which is invaluable for my future. I cannot recommend a placement abroad more. If you get the opportunity, take it because it will never present itself again. There’s nothing worse than having regrets!


Do you want to make your dream come true, such as Guliana? Leave your comfort zone and explore and experience something completely new, which can be totally affordable with your Turing funding.

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