What is the Erasmus+ Mobility Tool+?

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The EU Commission has a number of Erasmus+ tools in place to help organisations with reporting. These tools are useful for all sectors under the Erasmus+ programme, whether grants are used for mobility projects, strategic partnerships or structure dialogue projects under the “Key Actions”, which are decentralised and managed by the National Agencies.

Mobility Tool+ 

Mobility Tool+ is an information system designed, developed and maintained by the European Commission that allows Erasmus+ beneficiary organisations to access and manage their projects’ information, request individual participants' reports and submit final reports to their own National Agencies. Erasmus+ National Agencies also use Mobility Tool+ to monitor and validate the projects’ information entered by beneficiary organisations at anytime from anywhere. 

Report templates for your projects can be accessed via Mobility Tool+, including interim reports which are submitted during your projects’ lifecycle and final reports, submitted after the project end date. 

The management of the project and its contents is the responsibility of the beneficiary organisations. Contacts defined in the electronic application form as contact persons and legal representatives for the applicant/beneficiary organisation and they will automatically have access to their corresponding projects in Mobility Tool+. This happens when the projects’ data is submitted from EPlusLink. National Agency users can also have access to Mobility Tool+ for monitoring and validation purposes. 

The exact requirements vary depending on the Key Action, but requirements should be clearly stated in your grant agreement. Please refer to this and your project handbook or contact us if you are unsure about what you need to do.  It is important that Mobility Tool+ is kept up-to-date throughout your projects’ life cycles and that the information is accurate. 

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