Turing Scheme 2022-2023: Placements in International Destinations!

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A year and a half after the “Brexit” Referendum, the United Kingdom left the European Union. This exit has meant many consequences that also affect new students. The UK will no longer take part in the Erasmus+ programme. However, the UK Government has created a new programme to take its place that allows its students to travel abroad. The Scheme opened up in September 2021, called The Alan Turing Scheme and it replaces Erasmus+ projects in the UK.The Turing Scheme has delivered thousands of life-changing experiences since it launched last year – opening minds and broadening horizons for students from every part of the UK – through placements in some of the world’s most exciting international destinations, from Bolivia to Brunei! As part of our vision for a truly Global Britain the Government is funding the Turing Scheme for a further three years, and we urge every school, college and university to make bold, creative applications for next year, so more students can travel to new frontiers to earn, learn, and grow their potential.


Funding for Three Years!

Last year the Government announced the Turing Scheme would be funded for a further three years – and that Year 2 of the Scheme will be backed by £110m.

The opening of applications for the 2022-23 academic year, enables organisations to apply to secure funding that enables students, learners and pupils (including those from disadvantaged and non-traditional backgrounds), to undertake study or work placements around the world.

The funding application submission window starts on 31 March and ends on 29 April. Organisations can use the application guide on the Turing Scheme website to navigate the process and Capita is providing a dedicated customer service centre to handle any questions.

The Department for Education (DfE) has reconfirmed that grant rates will be the same level as the first year and that additional support will also remain in place for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. This will enable them to fund the costs of travel, passports, and visas.

Capita was appointed to promote and administer the Scheme by the DfE in December 2021. Administration of the Scheme is being delivered through the Capita-developed digital grants management platform GrantIS. Capita is now using its significant digital grants management, complex programmes and education expertise to deliver grants to tens of thousands of learners each year.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) has been appointed as principal partner and will lead on the assessment of applications and support with monitoring and evaluation, building on decades of expert knowledge and experience in delivering major international mobility Schemes.

If you need further information on funding and grants, do contact the team at TravelEdventures by clicking here.