The Turing Scheme: New Horizons for International Student Mobilities

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The Turing Scheme is the UK government’s programme to provide funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world and replaces the Erasmus+ scheme. It supports Global Britain by providing an opportunity for UK organisations from higher education, further education, vocational education and training and schools sectors to offer their students, learners and pupils life-changing experiences to study or work abroad.

Remarkable Opportunities for Students and Learners

For students and learners, international mobility –­ the opportunity to study or work in another country – can be a transformative experience. It’s an opportunity to sharpen their skills, expand their knowledge, and broaden their horizons by experiencing life in another country.

These opportunities have wider benefits too. Students are able to gain the skills and competencies they need in a job market where companies are increasingly working in more global and collaborative settings, and to use these skills for the benefit of their communities. By developing capable, culturally-agile, and internationally-connected individuals, international mobility has a broader societal value beyond the individual.

When the world expands access to international opportunities, everyone benefits. For organisations, it’s a chance to forge  new relationships around the world. Institutions that host international students are simultaneously enriched by their presence, bringing different perspectives, strengthening international research, and global networks of alumni.


Forging International Connections

These international connections have never been more important. From the climate crisis to global recovery from Covid-19, international partnerships are central in tackling the challenges that define these times – and partnerships often begin with these invaluable ties between people and places.

The Turing Scheme, aimed at universities, schools, and further education colleges across the UK, opens up opportunities for young people to learn and train all over the world, and offers a new avenue for the UK education sector to strengthen partnerships with institutions across the globe. These international partnerships, while longstanding in the university sector, may for many schools and colleges, be less familiar territory. 


Helping with Future Employment

Participating in a Turing Scheme placement gives individuals the chance to develop new skills, gain vital international experience and boost their employability. Individuals can also develop professional practice, a wide range of soft skills, and language skills as well as build relationships with international peers and gain fresh ideas and a better understanding of other cultures.


Interested in The Turing Scheme?

Your college or university will be able to provide you with information about how they are using the Turing Scheme to give you opportunities to study and work abroad, including information on the countries you can visit and how to get involved.