The Turing Scheme: How to Manage Your Project

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Project Management Concept on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

The Turing Scheme is the UK’s Erasmus+ equivalent, following Brexit. It supports Global Britain by providing an opportunity for UK organisations from the higher education, further education, vocational education and training and schools sectors to offer their students, learners, and pupils life-changing experiences to study or work abroad. If you have applied for Turing Scheme funding and your application has been successful, the next step will be to deliver a project that will benefit and enrich your participants using your grant award.

This article is designed to offer guidance and support to beneficiaries along every step of their Turing Scheme journey, from the initial planning through to live reporting of activities and ultimately, measuring their impact.

To find out more about the conditions of your grant, you can download the Grant Agreement and any accompanying documentation from the official Turing Scheme websites. These documents are for reference purposes and all successful applicants will be contacted directly to manage the process of the contract and signing the agreement.

Next, it’s time to promote your project!

The brand guidelines document provides guidance on how to apply the programme’s logo and branding to your online and offline project materials. The Turing Scheme logo is available in colour and greyscale variations as well as in digital and print formats. 

Spreading the word and endorsing your Turing Scheme activities in the media will help raise the profile of your organisation, perhaps enhance international ties, and highlight the opportunities the scheme brings to your learners, pupils, and students. 

As well as reaching a wider audience and raising the profile of your organisation, press releases are another great way to talk about the interesting activities involved your project. They can be used on your website, as handouts and you could highlight them across all of your social media channels.