The Turing Scheme: Begin Planning For Next Year!

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Did you know that 100% living cost funding is available for students with special educational needs and disabilities for both the Turing Scheme and Erasmus+? Funding for higher education students going on the Turing Scheme is similar to Erasmus+. The funding for further and vocational education students is actually better under the Turing Scheme.


Unlocking Life-Changing Experiences

The Turing Scheme provides funding to UK organisations to unlock life-changing experiences across the world for their pupils, students, and learners. Schools, colleges and higher education providers apply for funding for projects on behalf of their pupils, students and learners. 

The Turing Scheme was named in honour of the renowned scientist, Alan Turing. Alan Turing was a pioneering, iconic British mathematician and computer scientist renowned globally.

One of the reasons that we are pleased to represent the FE sector on Capita’s Turing Scheme Advisory Board, is to ensure that as many FE students as possible can benefit from the scheme, just as previous students have benefitted from opportunities overseas in the past.

Eligible organisations can apply for funding through the Turing Scheme's online application form. The application form asks organisations to provide an overview of their projects including activities, participants, budget and organisation details such as legal name and address. 


Placements from 4 Weeks to 12 Months

The Turing Scheme is open to students of all nationalities for funding for both study and work placements. A student placement must last for a minimum of 4 weeks and can last up to 12 months. It also must take place between 1 September 2021 and 31 August 2022.

The deadline to apply for 2022-23 Turing Scheme funding has now passed. However, please don’t stop reading! Even if you haven’t applied for the Turing Scheme this year, the good news is that funding is committed for another two years. For year one, £24.8 million was awarded to the FE sector. Funded visits can be relatively short too, to anywhere in the world, and they’re very flexible.

So take the time to think about applying, to talk to or develop your international connections, and plan for next year. Speak to other FE institutions about how they’ve managed their Turing Scheme awards – you can even apply as a consortium – but most importantly, consider how much of a difference the Turing Scheme could make to the student experience and young people’s life opportunities!