The Positive Impact of Turing For Students and Their School Career

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It’s no secret that competition between graduates is increasing and everyone tries to stand out from each other, with better qualifications or more interesting experiences. Additionally, more and more companies require that students embark on an experience abroad, like the Erasmus+ mobility and the Turing Scheme (for British citizens), so they can select their perfect candidate! We all know the professional pros of an international internship, but how about school? Do you know about all the positives for students and how it benefits their schooling? In this blog, we’ll tell you how teachers can benefit from students who’ve experienced an Erasmus+ mobility or Turing Scheme mobility out of their country and we’ll emphasise the importance of taking up an international opportunity.


Language Skills

Learning a new language is essential in current globalisation. New languages bring new professional opportunities and preferences in the working world. For this reason, schools help students to start learning a new language and then to improve, recommend experiences abroad, such as the Turing program for UK citizens or the Erasmus+ mobility for EU-members.

When students take part in a Turing or Erasmus+ internship, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice their language skills and abandon any shyness when speaking a foreign language. Speaking to the locals helps improve language too and linguistic levels definitely improve.

As an example, to grow confidence in Spanish you might decide to participate in the Turing Scheme as a British citizen visiting Spain, or if you’re not British, you might embark on the Erasmus+ program as an EU-member. After your internship in Spain, you notice how quickly you improved your skills and even your Spanish teacher notices it when you’re back at school, perhaps through writing an essay or having a discussion in class. All of that leads to better grades! So, hurry up and contact us we can help with the organisation of your Turing or Erasmus+ program!


Social Skills

Most people are happy in school or at work, and they don’t want to try something new or step out of their comfort zone. Being “safe” is better than experience something unplanned, right? Not with the Turing Scheme or Erasmus+! The programs allow students to gain experience abroad that helps them learn more about a new country, the locals, the culture and maybe even a new different way of working.

A mobility grows students’ confidence, encourages them to be open-minded and daring. Everyone is an expert in something, but students need that “push” from teachers to benefit from programs that have not only a positive impact on their CV but also on their social skills. Maybe a shy student will apply for a position as the class representative, who knows, right? So, we’d like to help students to gain more social skills through such great experiences, like Erasmus+ and Turing.


Practical Experience

We all agree that we want to attend the best schools and have excellent grades. In addition to that, we know the importance of professional experience as it’s an advantage for our career paths. As mentioned before, competition between graduates is increasing and everyone is trying to be “the best choice” for a company.To be able to gain practical knowledge at a young age, we recommend participating in an Erasmus+ or Turing Program. Both mobilities enable young students to be part of the working world for a specific period of time, where they can put their theoretical know-how into practice. This is clearly a big advantage for students back in school as they understand teaching content better and relate it to the tasks set during their Erasmus+ or Turing internship.


International Networks

The Turing and Erasmus+ Program are both a great chance to connect with international enterprises. Maybe the company your students were interns at will be their future employer after their education? That will shorten their job seeking!

However, an internship at a specific company could be a great way to open up opportunities for other students, e. g. for a school project. This networking is not only an advantage for students, but also for teachers or schools, when they co-operate with well-known enterprises.


Those are only a few of countless positives for students as well as their school career and Traveledventures wants to stress the importance of international work opportunities. We encourage our students to gain professional experience and to benefit from great exchange programs, such as the Erasmus+ mobility and the Turing Scheme. Both enable deliver opportunities to gain personal as well as professional skills.

If you have any questions about Erasmus+ or Turing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than delighted to assist you as we are confident that everyone should benefit from any educational opportunity.

Browse our website for more information about international internships and language trips or read our article about the Turing Scheme for British Citizens. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below about how you would like to benefit from an experience abroad or if you’ve already completed an internship, tell us about the advantages you experienced.