The Most Popular Erasmus+ and Turing City in France

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Seine in Paris with Eiffel tower in autumn time

For many, France is a country where dreams come true. The charm and unique ambience in this European country attracts countless tourists every year and not only the Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme trainees, but also more and more Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme trainees appreciate France as a country. In addition to the picturesque landscapes and the Mediterranean climate, France scores above all with a first-class education system and world-leading universities and colleges. The students come from all over the world to study here or at least to benefit from the first-class offering for one or two semesters. An Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship abroad (or studying abroad in France) is a unique opportunity to combine top-class education, learning a world-renowned language and living in an intriguingly diverse country, and all these qualities lead to a very special experience.

What is the most popular Erasmus+ and Turing city in France?

With a population of about ten million people, the Paris metropolitan area is one of the largest in the world and at the same time a melting pot of different nations and cultures. No matter where your interests lie, in Paris you will find a lot of like-minded people, new inspiration, interesting people and a plentiful offer of culture and attractions. You quickly learn to enjoy the life of "a la Parisienne" in the numerous parks, cafés and various events, and if you are a fan of nightlife, you will also get your money's worth!

Whether with a bottle of red wine and baguette in hand or the Frenchman who only speaks and understands French exclusively, there are a lot of stereotypical prejudices about the French people. Some may have a grain of truth, but the French are generally seen as warm and friendly people. While the majority of Paris is politely distanced and reserved, as soon as you leave the big city behind, you will be received openly.

Paris is an ideal starting point for excursions to the surrounding area, Normandy and Brittany, central France, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Whether by car or train, you don't have to travel far to discover new landscapes and cities again and again.



Paris is one of the most famous shopping cities on the planet, all world brands are represented there. Many of these luxury brands aren’t located on the Champs Elysées, but on the Avenue Montaigne, which branches off from it, and is also worth a short walk. Apart from the large department stores, France is a land of small boutiques. The most famous of the big luxury department stores are Galeries Lafayette and Le Printemps, which are worth a visit because of their pompous stained glass domes, reminiscent of cathedrals. On the roof of Galeries Lafayette, there is also a roof terrace with beautiful views, which is accessible free of charge.


The Medical World

Paris has doctors and hospitals of all disciplines. The emergency medical system is excellent.


Art and Culture

The City of The Arts continues to attract young avant-garde artists, designers and talent from all over the world. They are supported by the City of Paris, which maintains a number of "cités d'artistes" or artists' colonies, and also by various foreign cultural centres located in Paris, most of which are affiliated to the Forum des Institut Culturels Étrangers - Paris.


Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme Activities - Tips in Paris

Boat trip on the Seine See the most beautiful sights directly from the ship.

City tour 'historic Paris' This brilliant, guided historical city tour can be tailored to the interests of your group.

Visit the Louvre Take the time to visit this gigantic museum, which houses 400,000 exhibits – the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo are just a few examples of the endless series of masterful works of art.

Visit the Cité des Sciences To see interesting technological developments of the past two centuries.

Go to the Musee d'Orsay Many consider one of the world's best art museums. It has an impressive collection consisting of the best works of Impressionism. Highly recommended!

Take a walk Go to the Jardin des Plantes and over The Pont Alexandre III with beautiful ornaments and a magnificent view of the surrounding palaces.

Visit the Hotel de Ville See this beautiful building and one of the many impressive special exhibitions in the Paris City Hall.

Look at the Eiffel Tower.

Would you like to get to know French culture and the country and at the same time deepen your knowledge of French while gaining international professional experience? Then an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship in France is just right for you. In doing an internship, you not only enhance your CV, but also establish contacts abroad and develop professionally as well as personally.


Erasmus+ and Turing internships abroad in France need to be well organised. Contact us and get information about costs,application and financing.

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