Special Destinations or Standard Destinations

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Madrid, Spain financial district skyline at twilight viewed towards the Gates of Europe.

You’re more than ready for an international experience, but you can’t seem to choose the perfect destination for yourself? We know that feeling and it’s pretty normal to be undecided as there a so many countries and places that offer great Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme (for British citizens) mobilities. Some people prefer the popular destinations and others tend to opt for a more unusual one. What type of person are you? In this blog, we show you the differences between both types of destinations so that you get some help with your decision making for your Erasmus+ or Turing program. Let’s get started!


Old Is Gold!

Have you always wanted to spend your Erasmus+ or Turing mobility in one of the most popular destinations? No problem, those places are still an excellent choice. However, what makes those Erasmus+ or Turing destinations so special and why are they always so popular?

The most common destinations are very often the megacities or metropolis type destinations and for sure they have more possibilities than smaller towns. Those places are home to top universities, excellent enterprises and diversity. So, you will have the chance to connect with people from different backgrounds that gives you a more international Erasmus+ or Turing experience.

As already mentioned, the opportunity to secure an internship at one of the best companies increases if you choose a busy city, especially if you want to gain experience in one specific field. Every major city (indeed country) is always well-known for a major business name.

Ireland, for example, is the perfect destination, if you want to widen your knowledge in the IT sector as the country is the headquarters for many international IT enterprises. Just imagine how great this will be for your future career path if you’re able to mention on your CV that you did your Erasmus+ or Turing program in one of the big, global cities. It will be an outstanding advantage for you.

Part of your Erasmus+ or Turing mobility is also your interaction with other people. You want to get in touch with as many individuals as possible to learn more, not just in business but also on a personal level. As “standard destinations” are the bigger cities, you will be able to meet more people, and even other Erasmus+ or Turing participants that are in the same situation as you. This gives you more security and you won’t feel “alone”. Additionally, it allows you to spend your leisure time with like-minded people and who knows, maybe it becomes the beginning of a true friendship or relationship 😉


No Risk, No Fun!

If you want to experience something different and you are a firm believer in unusual experiences, then go for a not so typical Erasmus+ or Turing destination. Some people are born to be unique and always see everything from another perspective – and we should encourage that outlook in life!

It is not a surprise that most Erasmus+ participants choose the most common destinations, like Dublin or Barcelona, but to choose a “special destination” will give you a great advantage on your CV. Your choice for an Erasmus+ or Turing internship abroad at a “special destination” reveals that you have a strong personality that wants to benefit as much as possible from your Erasmus+ or Turing program.

Being in a special destination will also lead you to get to know more locals and will have the following advantages: you will improve your language skills, there is more opportunity to learn more about the country’s culture, history and cuisine. Plus, you will be a part of the community, which means that you will see the country from another angle – you will be a citizen instead of just an Erasmus+ or Turing intern.

Furthermore, leaving your comfort zone will always be a chance to grow, to grow personally and professionally. You will have the opportunity to experience your Erasmus+ or Turing program in a new place, that you would probably not have thought of traveling to.


If you are going to spend your Erasmus+ or Turing mobility at a special or standard destination, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the experience that you will gain after your time abroad. Think about the criteria that’s important to you and decide where you will get the most benefits.

Are you still confused about numerous destinations and just can’t decide where to spend your Erasmus+ or Turing mobility? Then get in touch with us – we organize many language trips as well as internships abroad and we know that some people need assistance with deciding. We are sure that you will find your perfect individual package that will lead you to experience one of the best times of your life, outside of your home country.

Feel free to browse our website for more information about Erasmus+ and the Turing Scheme for British citizens. We upload new blogs weekly so that everyone is able to be up to date about the two great programs for students.

If you have any suggestions about how an Erasmus+ or Turing participant can choose the right destination for her-/himself then let us know in the comments below. We will appreciate your feedback!