No Internship because of Corona?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly started we all thought that it would be “just” a short period of time, and everything would be back to normal soon. Yet, more than 18 months later and the situation is still ongoing. No one really knows when we will be able to wave goodbye to this difficult phase but what we know here at TravelEdventures is that Erasmus+ internships are still available. There are plenty of interns doing different assignments during their mobility – even while you’re reading this piece right now! However, sometimes unplanned situations can occur, which are out of our hands. With that in mind, we want to provide you with lots of information in case your Erasmus+ internship at your preferred destination gets cancelled because of the current Coronavirus situation.


First of all, we want to assure you that Erasmus+ work placements are available, despite the current pandemic. We have been busy organising many internships in different places and we are delighted that these important mobilities are still ongoing. If you need any assistance with this matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts by clicking here.

A second essential fact we want to point out is that we all must stick to the entry regulations of any country we’re visiting. Every destination has its own measures and rules to minimise the existing COVID-19 pandemic, and remember, they’re adjusted regularly.

Despite the above, you no doubt still want to experience your planned Erasmus+ work placement in your desired country. We totally get that, and that’s why we are here to tell you that you can still do your internship even if it was cancelled at your preferred destination. You want to know how? Keep reading!


Remote Internship

This type of internship takes place from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to read the entry permissions of a country or travel beyond your place of residence. Just take a seat at your desk and enjoy your Erasmus+ work placement. This type of workplace opportunity is also great for anyone who struggles with the idea of leaving their own home, for whatever reason, and still allows them to take part in a great Erasmus+ mobility.

However, keep in mind that this kind of internship is not possible for every business field. As an example, we can’t provide a construction area in your bedroom if you were hoping that your Erasmus+ work placement was in construction! :D So, it depends on your desired professional field and the company you’re interning at as well. What we can guarantee is that we do all we can do to make your preferred international work experience happen, despite the Coronavirus situation.


Funding Deadline

If you provide Erasmus+ internships for some of your school’s pupils, we can give you some good news. Your school’s deadline will be extended, and your next grade can still use your approved Erasmus+ funding.

The current COVID-19 situation is challenging us all and everyone is trying to make the best of a dire phase. Undoubtedly, we want students to benefit from Erasmus+ and to be part of such great mobilities. We are doing our best to provide numerous internships at different places and we are proud that we can make this happen for many interns right now during the current conditions.

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