London Vs. Dublin

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Westminster Bridge at sunset, London, UK-1

The megacity London or rather comfy Dublin? Many would like to spend their Erasmus+ stay in an English-speaking country but cannot decide between the two famous destinations in North Europe. As a travel agency, that specialises in the organisation of individual Erasmus+ and Turing internships in various European cities for almost 15 years, we understand that you might struggle with the decision and we want to ensure that you are going to spend one of your best times as an Erasmus+ intern. In the following blog article, we want to go into the essential differences of each city so that by the time you've finished reading,  you already know which is your dream destination – either London or Dublin.


Amusing City – London

Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and all the popular musicals – those terms sound familiar to all of us from our English lessons, right? Many people have already made the decision to travel to London to admire the big city face-to-face. However, this metropolis doesn't just have those typical tourist attractions it has many other things to offer. Some spend a short language trip there, others 6 months or more, among them people who want to complete their Erasmus+ internship.

London is not only a holy place for culture enthusiasts, shopping freaks and soccer fans. The diverse multicultural city with its almost 9 million inhabitants and around 1,572 km² area (metropolitan region 8,382 km²) has something for everyone – for example the various markets, the famous China Town, or the popular parks. It's worth a visit, for sure.

Furthermore, London in terms of education and economy is one of the top in the international rankings, the city is home to some of the world’s best universities and companies. This makes the city more interesting for an Erasmus+ experience. This is an opportunity to deepen your language skills while expanding your professional career – and it is one of the most prestigious and important cities in the world.


A Breath of Fresh Air – Dublin

If the decision falls on Ireland’s capital Dublin, we assure you that you will deal with the nicest and the politest people. You will fall in love with the locals and their country because of their courteous manners. Not at least because of the city’s cosy flair. While Dublin has been established as the European head office for many international companies, it gives you the unique opportunity to gain professional experience in prime enterprises. It's also not overcrowded, like other world cities.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft – those are just a few examples of global brands that have one of their headquarters' in Ireland. This is a great chance to undertake your Erasmus+ internship at these types of companies, especially those in the IT-sector, or just to take a factory tour. We gladly organise everything for you – just click HERE to get in touch with your Traveledventures Team.

We cannot cover Dublin without mentioning the green surroundings. Everyone surely knows that Dublin attracts many people because of its pristine natural beauty and the astonishing tours around the city.


In summary, you could say that both cities have a lot to offer, are unique and the perfect destination for an Erasmus+ experience. In London as well as in Dublin you can improve your language skills, complete an outstanding internship at an A1 company and return to your home country with magnificent memories.

It just depends if you prefer a crowded London or a cosy Dublin. Both cities have a similar climate, you'll find that you'll enjoy the pub culture in Dublin and London, plus they each have friendly people.

For easing the decision-making process, we recommend answering these questions to see which destination is more appealing:

  • Do you want to spend your Erasmus+ time in a crowded city or a more modest town?
  • Are you interested in an Erasmus+ work placement in an IT-sector?
  • Is a city with more green areas important to you?
  • Do you prefer a vibrant destination with new buildings and architecture or rather a destination with admirable history?

We can help with making the decision and send you an offer geared to your individual needs. We are known for our flexible packages, which can include flight tickets, accommodation, activities, language courses etc.

Besides the organisation, we also share content about language trips as well as internships – feel free to browse our website for more information and ideas. Read our Erasmus+ application guide with step-by-step instructions or read our Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.

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