How TravelEdventures is Helping Organisations to Help Others!

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We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic lots of organisations have struggled, for financial reasons and some have even had to leave the funding schemes available for internships abroad. Thankfully, new funding schemes are being launched and so TravelEdventures has been looking at how we can support other organisations in our field. We are now helping them we help to assist their customers in getting the funding they need for new projects. We don’t just care about ourselves – we like to help where we can! Find out more by getting in touch.

Do you want to know about the organisations that have collaborated with TravelEdventures?

We can do so much for organisations looking for internships abroad. As an example, recently, we’ve connected with an organisation in Northwest Spain. In the past, they’ve applied on behalf of their customers for internship abroad funding. What we’ve done for them is access additional funding so they can help their clients further. That means that this particular company can help their clients get additional funding and get exciting projects underway. All of this is from a different funding pot, which is really important - as there’s no competition, it's relatively accessible and we can help to secure it!

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