How To Meet Locals

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Conceptual image of city landscape. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA

Traveling and learning at the same time is super beneficial, and your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship is just perfect for this type of opportunity. You will be able to enjoy living in a different country while acquiring new, professional skills. Additionally, your foreign language skills will definitely be boosted, and it is no secret that many people improve their linguistical abilities while spending time abroad. To help you, we’ve written this piece on how to meet the locals at your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme destination. Why the locals? Well, because it is the easiest way to enhance your language level and immerse yourself in a different culture all at the same time.


Avoid Typical Tourist Spots

You want to check all the famous sights and try all the great activities available right? We totally understand that, because it might be the first time that you’ve travelled to your chosen destination and of course you want to stroll through the famous streets as well as explore the typical tourist spots but don’t overdo it 😊. At the end of the day you are not a tourist, you will be part of your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme destination and you want to live like a local, right? So, after seeing all those beautiful tourist spots, explore the places where the locals spend their free time. Have lunch at local restaurants away from famous streets and enjoy a cosy walk away from the wonderful sites.


Let social media Do the Work!

Most of the people, especially the younger generation, adore technology and are always happy about new advancements. Whenever possible we all try to make life easier and use technology to help us at work and school. Is it even possible to do anything without using the internet, for example? Very difficult, right? So, why not using that progress to your best advantage? There are numerous groups as well as pages on social media and various phone apps that you can use to find locals. Try different group names on your preferred social media channel and join the right one for you. You can do that before leaving your home country and starting a new chapter as an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme intern. What is the advantage? You have new friends before even boarding the plane, and at your new destination you have already someone can spend some of your free time with.


Use Public Transport

Instead of renting a car at your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme destination, use public transport. There are opportunities to meet some of the locals while on the subway or riding the bus. It is fairly likely that you will take public transport almost daily, at least from your apartment to your company, and we are sure that you will meet a couple of locals. The most important thing is to stop being shy and take the first step. Ask a question, greet the person next to you or just smile and be friendly. This is one of the easiest ways to get to know locals and it will help you to improve your language skills or just spend some wonderful leisure time.


Explore Smaller Towns

Another genius hack is to explore new places, especially smaller towns and villages. This will not only enable you to explore new, fantastic places, but it will probably lead you to a location with more locals than tourists. After your exciting Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme mobility you will head back home with not only pictures at the most visited spots, but also at more unique and beautiful destinations. Another advantage of visiting a lesser-known place is that it won’t be overcrowded like typical tourist destinations.


Buy Your Groceries at A Local Market

How about doing your grocery shopping at a wonderful local market? The sellers will probably be locals, and most probably the buyers too. This is the perfect opportunity to have a chat with locals and start a discussion about any random topic. Ask questions, talk about the food, make compliments about your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme destination, and just don’t forget to enjoy your shopping experience. People will be happy to see such interested visitors and will enjoy some small talk with you.


Follow the above-mentioned hacks and let us know in the comments below if they’re useful. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your own ideas on how to get to know locals.

If you have any further questions or if you need any assistance, contact us by clicking here. All TravelEdventures experts are happy to make your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget to browse our Educator’s Handbook and Definitive Guide for more information about Erasmus+ and Turing Scheme mobilities.