How Erasmus+ and the Turing Scheme Work

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This is about how TravelEdventures works with gaining Erasmus+ or Turing funding and executing projects. We work with NGOs, schools and colleges (and anyone who wants to try and get funding!). Usually, we’re approached, as we are often recommended by other organisations. These educational institutions see that we work with multiple Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme destinations, so we talk to them and explain how it all works. Then, they start their project. They would likely see what the demand was for a project like Erasmus+/Turing Scheme in their school first. For example, their educational institution might be a school of tourism or a school of marketing, or it might be a school specialising in a number of subjects. We can tailor a programme according to the educational field required.

Next, the educational institution will confirm to us the number of students they want to send abroad to do work experience as part of their training. We take them through how the application process works and provide all the partners needed for that application. We have professional application writers, some of them are retired people who used to write these applications for their schools when they were employed. They understand the process, they’ve often completed mass applications and we like to help these people too – it’s extra money for them while helping out colleges and schools to gain the funding they need for their students.

The funding is great for starter projects. Usually, we’re able to raise 100,000 EUROS just to send teachers and students on amazing trips abroad to do work experience, share knowledge and connect with different cultures. That’s just the first year! From there, we grow bigger and can fund more – with larger grants.

Let us help your school, college or other NGO organise your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme funding and experience Europe and the world like never before! Get in touch here.

Hear Markus Bichler the TravelEdventures’ CEO discusses this topic on this YouTube link.


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