How an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme Stay is Funded

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Here’s a brief outline of the Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship stay costs. You would be expected to pay the travel expenses, accommodation and foreign insurance, plus you may do more leisure activities than at home which will add expense. You’ll also doubtless travel the country so you’ll need to be able to pay for that too. All the above sounds expensive – luckily, there is financial support to finance your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme mobility.

So, as you now know, with an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship abroad, you will enjoy plenty of interesting experiences, but there will always be costs. As trainees don’t usually have a fat bank account, you have to be aware of what to expect financially before travelling. Depending on which country you want to complete your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme traineeship in and how long your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme stay lasts, you will likely spend very differently.

The cost of an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme stay varies, and always depends on the destination country. In Sweden, life is generally more expensive than in Poland, for example. However, in when this happens, you’ll get an adjustment to the level of grant you’ll receive. In the case mentioned above, it means that the monthly amount you’d receive would be higher in Sweden than in Poland.

Many agencies and programmes offer challenging Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme traineeships, for a fee. In some cases, certain administrative requirements are also passed over to an agency – for example, support in the search for housing. If you need help organising and finding an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme dream internship, please contact us, we’d love to help!

Foreign insurance is mandatory and highly recommended for all Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internships. In addition, vaccinations and other health precautions add costs and these must be considered.

The actual journey to the country of your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme dream internship must also be paid for. Remember, early commitment from your preferred company makes a difference to your budget, as flights can be booked on time – the earlier you book, the cheaper the flight (usually!).

With an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme mobility, you should feel right at home. So, when in a foreign country, give yourself pocket money, so as not to miss out on exciting sights and things to do. Obviously, the cost of living can make a big difference depending on the duration of your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme stay, so you should know if the money you’re given will be sufficient for a three-, six- or 12-month Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme internship.

Don't panic if you're shaking your head now worrying about the costs! There are great programmes that financially support interns on a trip abroad.

Erasmus+ is the programme for education, youth and sport in the European Union. As an example, a total budget of EUR 14.7 billion was available for the period 2014-2020. The programme aims to improve the skills of young people and to modernise education and training systems for children and young people. Accordingly, mobilities for learning purposes and trans-national cooperation are particularly promoted.

A new programme called the Turing Scheme has been especially developed for people from the UK. The Turing Scheme offers the same benefits as Erasmus+, but applicants can apply for funding for destinations around the world. This underlines the international work experience even more. In particular, the programme also targets disadvantaged applicants in order to give them the opportunity to gain experience abroad.

Organisations can submit their Erasmus+ applications online to their own national agency in their country, through the Erasmus+ website or to the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. Tips for the application process can be found at: 15 Criteria to Look Out For when Writing your E+ Application.

The Turing Scheme application is available on the following portal: Scheme/Turing Scheme.ofml.


For more information on Erasmus+, please visit: What is Erasmus+ is All About. For information about the Turing Scheme, please visit the following blog: BREXIT – What's New for You? The Turing Scheme.

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Do you need help with your Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme funding application? Or do you have any questions about Erasmus+ or the Turing Scheme? Then contact us!