How About an Unforgettable Rome Work and Study Experience!

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Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Fabulous Rome, jam-packed full of culture, with ruins dating back to when the Roman Empire ruled Europe and obviously, the delicious Italian cuisine to tempt any palate! There’s something so magical about Rome, it’s completely romantic, there are plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore and its cobbled streets take you back to the old days. Explore the majestic Colloseum, walk up and down the Spanish Steps, make a wish in the Trevi Fountain, peruse the beautiful passers-by while idling the hours away at a pretty cafe. When the weather’s good, you can sit outside and admire the backdrop against a deep blue sky and the blazing Italian sun.


An Erasmus+ or Turing placement in Rome is closer than you might imagine. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. With Erasmus+ or Turing funding available for students, you could totally immerse yourselves in this marvellous Italian city, while enhancing your language skills and experiencing what it’s like to work, the Italian way!

Our work and study programmes begin on any first Monday of the month. They last for a minimum of 4 weeks (we do have shorter programmes available too) and we can even arrange for longer programmes, if you want us to. Applying for Erasmus+ or Turing funding isn’t hard either, we can help you with that, honing your application so it gets the seal of approval. You apply through your National Agency and students can get a hefty grant to go towards their Rome placement. Disadvantaged students can especially take advantage of the grant scheme and give themselves more security for their future, because an Erasmus+ or Turing Scheme placement always impresses future employers!

Once secured and you find yourself on the way to wonderful Rome, you’ll be so busy, time won’t stand still and you’ll meet some remarkable people along your journey – some will become friends for life. Students will study English and Italian in the morning at one of our approved language schools including up to 15-hours a week with 2 grammar and two conversation lessons a day. Then, in the afternoon there’ll be work experience at a company. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for R&R, socialising and exploring this extraordinary city too. As for accommodation, students will live in an international student flat, with other students or stay with a host family – no one is left on their own, and you’ll find firm friendships grow quickly.

Your Erasmus+ or Turing grant will cover a lot of the costs, but there are other costs to factor in. If you need to fundraise, we can help with that or you might be lucky to have a kind relative, willing to pay for your trip (and with the Erasmus+ or Turing grant, it’s extremely affordable).


Work at TravelEdventures!

As for where you’ll be working, you’ll be placed at TravelEdventures, one of the most innovative and fastest growing travel agencies in Austria. A large tour operator, it’s been organising hands-on marketing internships with work and study programmes for students and young people from all over the world since 2006.

Work experience will include working at one of TravelEdventure’s schools during the afternoon which is why we ask for a good level of spoken and written Italian. English is another skill we ask for as students will be expected to communicate with international customers. The job could entail helping the staff at the language school, doing translation work, organising and participating in the school’s activities, dealing with business correspondence and day-to-day business at the school’s reception. All students undertaking this work experience will need to complete a work experience diary and write reviews on the destination. One of the biggest and most important tasks will be to organise and promote a cool PR event in a public space.


Certification Upon Completion

Once completed, you’ll receive an Italian language course certificate and a TravelEdventures Internship certificate – great for CVs. So, if you’re business minded, creative and have great social skills plus you speak advanced Italian with good English and you love the travel industry, this one’s for you! Who would want to miss out on working and studying in Rome?

Sounds great right? If you’re ambitious, a team-player and want to work abroad while enhancing your Italian, send in an application together with your CV and a recent photograph to

Can’t wait to explore beautiful Rome? We can’t wait to hear all about your experience. Read also our popular Erasmus+ or Turing destinations in Italy.

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