Comparison: Hiring Someone With And Without Turing Work Experience

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A completed degree on your CV is no longer enough when applying for a job and that’s why Turing internships offer the perfect opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge acquired at university into practice. Turing interns have the opportunity to actively gather new information and skills and to get to know different ways of working while they’re on their work placement adventure. Without doubt, a Turing internship is the ideal way to get started in the working world, and you’ll use it for your future professional life.


That is Why a Turing Project is Worthwhile!

A Turing internship abroad is seen as a door opener to many areas of the world of work. It’s no wonder that the Turing programmes are very popular for both students and prospective employees when it comes to the job market.  A Turing experience also shapes your personal development. Living alone abroad changes your character by increasing independence, resulting in more self-confidence. These advantages are already reason enough to complete a Turing internship abroad. There are more advantages too, read on to find out.


Insights Into the Professional Field

You can apply your acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. You also get to grips with employment opportunities and gain further insights into your desired field of work. You’ll get to know what a working day looks like, what tasks and challenges need to be mastered, how to really focus while in a busy office - a Turing internship abroad gives you a clear picture of the real work processes.


Improve Foreign Language Skills

You only really learn a language when you are confronted with it on a daily basis. In a Turing project, you don't just use the foreign language in your free time, you also learn vocabulary that is customary in your chosen industry. You can also decide to take a language course during your internship, if you want to.


Understanding Business Culture

Perhaps you’ve already had your first professional experience? A Turing internship abroad offers the opportunity to compare any work experience gained in your home country with the way you work abroad. You can compare both – it’s always interesting to see another market.


Grow Your Contacts

A Turing internship is the first step in building a professional network. You get to know a lot of new people, make international contacts and grow your professional network. Perhaps there will be an opportunity later on when you get to use those contacts? You might even jump the queue with your new contacts and get an entry-level position in the company.


Stand Out from the Competition

A Turing internship abroad is becoming increasingly popular, but not all applicants have done one. This gives you an advantage and makes you stand out from the competition. It is a big plus, especially when applying to an international company. The world of work is becoming increasingly international: small and medium-sized companies also act across borders, offer products or services universally and have to position themselves internationally. A certain international competence and, above all, mobility is required by employees – and that’s exactly what a Turing internship abroad teaches you.


Advantages of a Turing Experience For Future Employers

For an employer, a Turing work experience means that their potential new employee:

  • Is able to view work processes from a different perspective due to having an international comparison
  • Can think “outside-the-box”, this is helpful when approaching problems differently
  • Brings in new ideas, questions existing processes and is able to improve them
  • Is curious and more open to new approaches

Benefits of a Turing Experience For You

“Leave your comfort zone” - this statement is ideal! While you might stay in your own, familiar environment during an internship at home, you embark on a new adventure when you complete a Turing internship abroad. You are forced to speak a new foreign language; you make friends with people from different backgrounds and you have to adapt to a new culture. In addition, your intercultural competence grows. In summary, you should ask yourself the following question: What are the advantages of a Turing experience? The Turing goals are to deal with foreign languages, intercultural competence and sensitivity and expand specific specialist knowledge on an international level. These advantages are beneficial for your future career. Especially in terms of the application process for your dream job! You will have a better chance against applicants with no work experience or just domestic work experience, because international experience is becoming more and more important for employers.


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