Can I Apply For Erasmus+ Funding If I Don’t Live in Europe?

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If you are NOT a citizen of the European Union but you’ve heard about the Erasmus+ program, you probably started wondering if it’s possible for you to participate in this amazing program and augment your chances of employability in the future.

We have good news for you! The European Commission is interested in promoting its values and giving an opportunity to motivated students, trainees, teachers to improve their professional and social skills through an internship abroad.


The Erasmus+ program offers mobilities for the following countries:

  • Programme Countries (27 EU-members plus 6 non-EU countries (North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, Turkey)) who can fully take part in all Erasmus+ actions; 

  • Partner Countries (other countries of the world divided into 14 regions) that are subject to specific criteria or conditions.

You will find the list of all the countries and conditions of participation in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide which is also available in some other languages:

If you are an apprentice or other learner, you are not able to apply directly for Erasmus+ funding. You should contact your school or your National Erasmus+ Office in your country (if applicable) to find out more about the Erasmus+ opportunities available for you. The National Offices are responsible for the local management of the international dimension of the higher education aspects of the Erasmus+ program. Here is a link to contact details of the National Erasmus+ Offices in some Partner Countries.


Remember: if you are not from the EU and would like to do an Erasmus+ traineeship in one of the EU-countries, you might need to obtain a visa for staying/working abroad. It is also your responsibility to ensure in advance that you have the required authorisation before the planned activity takes place. The National Agency in your country might give further tips and support concerning visas, residence permits, social security, etc.

We advise to check out your National Office’s website – in addition to useful information they might provide some videos or other types of feedback from your fellow citizens reporting about their Erasmus+ experience that could motivate you and show you that the organisation of an Erasmus+ mobility from outside the European Union is actually easier than you might think!

However, if all this sounds overwhelming to you, we are happy to help you applying for Erasmus+ funding for your school (students and teachers) and to organise the whole project for VET learners and staff (vocational education & training, KA102) so that your students and/or teachers could undertake a learning or professional experience in another country.

Just think how amazing your Erasmus+ traineeship abroad could be! You could improve not only your communicational, language and inter-cultural skills, but also your soft skills that are highly valued by employers in the modern world! Can you already smell the adventurous or entrepreneurial capabilities an Erasmus+ stay delivers?


Are you ready to start checking out your possibilities for your Erasmus+ mobility? We provide you with our guide for Erasmus+ funding applicants. You can also read our Handbook for Erasmus+ Project Management & Execution.

Are you from the UK and wondering if you are, now that the UK has left the EU, eligible to receive any funding for your internship abroad? Yes, you are. The new Turing program for UK students provides equal conditions for your mobility. Read our blog BREXIT – what’s new? The Turing Scheme in order to receive all relevant information on this topic.

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